Past Conferences

RamanFest, the International Conference on Advanced Applied Raman Spectroscopy, has been a key date for Raman spectroscopists since its launch in 2013. 

RamanFest 2013 

Lille, France 

Hosted by LASIR, Université Lille 1

RamanFest 2014

Boston, USA

Hosted by Harvard University

RamanFest 2015 

Xiamen, China

Hosted by Xiamen University

RamanFest 2016

Berlin, Germany 


Hosted by Humboldt University

RamanFest 2017

West Lafayette, USA

Hosted by Purdue University

RamanFest 2018

Tokyo, Japan

Hosted by University of Tokyo

RamanFest 2019

Oxford, UK

Hosted by University of Oxford