Sharp Meets Bright III

SHAMBR-III, the Third Annual International Sharp Meets Bright

symposium organized by HORIBA Scientific and hosted by the

University of California Irvine, will be held on Wednesday, July 1st 2020.


The scientific program will feature 12 renowned invited speakers from the US and Europe, covering a broad range of applications of Scanning Probe Microscopy integrated with Optical Spectroscopy instrumentation and methodology: from intra-molecular spectroscopic imaging, to nanoscale characterization of structural and electronic inhomogeneities in 2D semiconductors, to applications in photovoltaics.

Registration is required for this event. Tickets for SMB-III

must be purchased on the RamanFest ticket information page.

A list of confirmed guest speakers can be found below:

  • V. Ara Apkarian                       University of California, Irvine

  • Nick Borys                               Montana State University

  • Otakar Frank                           J. Heyrovsky Inst. of Physical Chemistry, Czech Republic

  • Deep Jariwala                        University of Pennsylvania

  • Andrey Krayev                        HORIBA Scientific

  • Ming Liu                                  University of California Riverside

  • Jeffrey Mativetsky                   State University of NY at Binghamton

  • Markus Raschke                      University of Colorado, Boulder
  • P. James Schuck                      Columbia University

  • Humberto Terrones                Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI)

  • Dmitri Voronine                      University of South Florida